Huawei bet by simpler solutions in the DC

Huawei has increased its investment in R&D to continue the development of various types of data centres for high performance.

Business Unit Business Huawei held this week in Frankfurt (Germany) Congress “Data Centre Facility Conference Europe 2016” under the theme “Leading the revolution in data centres.” The meeting brought together experts in the field, end users, partners, integrators and industry representatives in Europe, in order to discuss the development trends of data centres in the era of Big Data.

During the conference, Li Dianlin, senior architect of Tencent, said that “the data centres of the future will have more simple structures to help modular data centres to eliminate the constraints and barriers of traditional”.

Meanwhile, Fang Liangzhou, vice president of Product Line Energy Networks Huawei, stressed that “with the rapid development of the ICT industry, data centres have increasingly become tools of support for large production systems, helping companies to increase their profits. In recent years, Huawei has increased its investment in R&D to continue the development of data centre customer oriented, contributing to the construction of various types of data centres for high performance. As part of its long-term strategy, Huawei will continue to accelerate its investment in this area to provide customers with centre solutions simpler, secure and efficient data “.

In recent years, the Cloud Computing and Big Data have largely driven the development of Internet services, generating more challenges in data centres. This is key for Europe, a region where data centre services have great potential. Dan Scarbrough and Gautham Gnanajothi, an analyst at Frost & Sullivan, have shared during the event their views on the development trends of the industry data centre and among its conclusions stressed the importance of modular UPS systems and solutions centres data, to meet market requirements, which demand data centres with higher density and reliability.

To address these needs, which change constantly, end users and Internet providers, such as Telehouse, NGD and KPN have expressed their desire to expand the business data centre. However, how to build efficient and reliable centres in a short time and with limited resources data has become one of the major concerns of the industry.

New Huawei products and solutions

The company has also introduced new products and solutions, including UPS5000-S, modular data centre able to optimize energy performance up to 97.5%; UPS5000-S, integrated battery with a solution which reduces its space by more than 50%, helping to simplify its maintenance; Modular centres and IDS500 IDS800 micro data, which feature an innovative structure and take up little space, being suitable for small and medium centres data; and the solution contender all-in-one data centre IDS1000-A, which thanks to its compact form can be quickly deployed in various scenarios of ICT applications.

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