The future of employment, hand in hand with Big Data


This technological trend will help create 4.4 million jobs in 2015.

The use in the companies is growing exponentially since it allows not only to know the users and offer them exactly what they demand, but also to create predictive models that help them to prevent negative situations. In a study carried out by OBS, it has been calculated that in the last 10 years more information has been created than in the entire history of humanity and that Internet connections from mobile devices will reach 10.2 billion in 2018. This reality means that the data is the new currency and, thanks to them, companies can improve their product strategy and decision making.

Employment and big data

During 2015 the importance of Big Data will continue to grow, helping to create 4.4 million jobs this year around the world. In addition, it will involve an investment in Big Data services of 112,000 million euros.

In addition, thanks to him, the gross domestic product (GDP) of the European Union will grow an additional 1.9% by 2020. And is that although 38% of Spanish companies have not yet implemented Big Data solutions , the number of non-technological companies that will use it will double. 79% of companies believe that this will improve their decision-making, 58% believe that it will be a determining factor in success and 36% already gain competitive advantages

“Big Data is a business philosophy in which you decide to use all the data you have at your disposal for a greater benefit of your company. It is not a technology per se, but a business decision that is developed in close collaboration with the technology department. Thanks to the importance that this has, we know that the future of Big Data is promising and during the next years it will do nothing but grow and adapt according to the needs of our customers “, said José Ándres García, General Director of Teradata Spain. “In a term of three to five years we will no longer use the term Big Data, but it will be part of the data. The rapid evolution of this sector requires us to remain in continuous adaptation”,  he concludes.

Small and medium companies

On the other hand, SMEs will invest in Cloud Computing more than 67,000 million euros worldwide. However, the largest investments in Big Data solutions will be made in Commerce, Manufacturing, Health, Information and Communications, Banking and Finance, Insurance and Public Administration

By areas within the company, Big Data is used mainly in making strategic decisions with 78%, followed by Marketing and Communication with 73%. The areas of IT, Product Development and Customer Services have percentages higher than 62%, while the department that uses the least Big Data is Human Resources, with 43%.

Data traffic generated by smartphones will grow by 63% over the next four years and M2M (Machine-to-Machine) technology will generate an increase in data of 113%, so now more than ever the value of the data is incalculable .

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