Two good free CRM tools for companies

How to do if you want to manage in a more efficient way the relationship with customers? Next, learn about two CRM tools (Customer Relationship Management) that can be used to fulfill this purpose free of charge, safely and efficiently.

Maintaining a good relationship with customers is essential for any company to be successful, regardless of the field in which it operates. For this reason, in recent decades, many organizations have chosen to use various tools and strategies in order to improve interaction with their audience. In this way, a concept emerged in the 90s that currently continues to play a fundamental role in business management: Customer Relationship Management.

Best known for its figures (CRM), this system focuses on the management of customer relationships. The objective is to guarantee consumer satisfaction through clear and effective communication, competent service and personalized attention. Customer Relationship Management solutions contemplate the use of various types of specialized software, which often require a high investment. Fortunately, on the Internet you can find good free options that SMEs can take advantage of.

Sugar CRM

The sugar CRM is a well-known program used by large companies. It has paid and free versions. It offers solutions for sales, marketing, service, statistical analysis, among others.

Suma CRM
Suma CRM provides a very complete and efficient service in Spanish for SMEs. It also has a free version.

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