What are the keys to the future of Big Data?



The development of tools to process, interpret and extract value from the significant amount of data improve the efficiency and income of organizations, reduce crime or improve aspects of human life such as health, personal performance, sports or work.


Society is at the dawn of a golden age when it comes to the use of sophisticated tools that analyze, process and extract value from the billions of millions of data generated in a newspaper in the world. “There is no choice but to familiarize yourself with terms such as Zettabytes or Yottabytes Digital data stored around the world today reached the memory of 10,000 million personal computers, a figure that doubled in the next 18 months, and so on every year. The emergence of tools that allow processing, interpreting and integrating this huge amount of data into our lives will revolutionize our lives, “said Sergio Martínez-Cava, general director of the Bankinter Innovation Foundation.


The Big Data report, the power of data, carried out by the Bankinter Innovation Foundation, reviews the keys and challenges of a phenomenon that is called to transform our daily life and the revolution over the years and a half of society, from the perspective of economy to public administration, going through health or education.


Companies have already begin to squeeze a small part of the possibilities offered by Big Data. According to the experts of the Foundation, this technology offers a world of opportunities to increase the profitability and operational efficiency of organizations or increase their income through the personalized offer of services adapted to the characteristics and circumstances of each consumer, the retention of the best customers, the new definition of new products, the identification of new opportunities in the market and the conversion of customers into proactive sales agents. It allows the reduction of costs, through the optimization of the supply channels, the limitation of communication to its current scope, the detection of fraud and the sizing of commercial platforms.


All copyrights, the exchange of products, the price of products, the value of investments, the acquisition of the client and the most appropriate time to make an offer. “Allow generating patterns of behavior and predict habits, not only for commercial use, but also to combat crime, increase the intelligence of cities to the point of self-sufficiency by algorithms or improve aspects of human life such as health, personal performance, sports, work, etc. It’s just the beginning, Big Data has opened the ban to a more informed society, more efficient and capable of performing feats until recently, reserved to the field of science fiction.



The report affects, among other things, the impact that Big Data will have on the functioning of cities. Technology accelerates the ability of the administration to listen and solve more quickly our problems as citizens.

It also emphasizes its importance in Health. The health system is another great vertebrador that is noticing the irruption of Big data. They change the relationships between patients, caregivers and health professionals inside and outside the health system. Emerges as self-care, with new applications and devices that provide valuable information about our health and life habits.

In addition, in the corporate sphere, Big Data has arrived as the incentive that was missing for the step towards the renewal of the old hierarchical structures. From his hand, new forms of organizations and relationships between employees and employees will emerge that collaborate with the improvement of labor and business efficiency.

In security, it will bring the development of new ways to combat crime and ensure cyber security. While in sport, Big Data is already changing the role of coaches, while contributing to enhance the physical and athletic performance of athletes.

The experts of the Foundation warn that the Big Data still has the efforts to help its total implementation and that the advent of this golden age occurs. Obstacles of a legal, human, market, format, access and technical and human capabilities and resources that facilitate the development of this technology. These challenges, warn the authors of the report, force to rethink formulas of protection and privacy to protect the id

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