What is the cloud, what it does and what services you have to know are?

Technically cloud that comes from the English Cloud computing is the name given to processing mass data storage and servers that host user information. In Creole that means that there are services, some free and other payments, which saved both your files and information on the Internet.

The idea behind all this is born in the instant, anytime access to your data wherever you are and through both mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.), such as desktop or notebook.

Best of all is that the cloud was not created for experts in technology, but for the end user wants to sort things out quickly and simply. For this reason most of the services that make use of this technology are the easiest to use.

Although we do not know, you’re probably using cloud daily. One of the clearest examples is the email through your browser. When you are accessing your e-mail (Hotmail or Gmail, for example) you have information on the Internet to which you can access quickly. All you have to do is enter a site, put a key and presto: you can access all your emails, contacts and attachments housed in servers from different companies.

But access from anywhere and at any time is not the only advantage of the cloud. This paradigm also allows you to better use the resources of your PC. Picasa, which is a service to host images, allows you to edit the capture via Internet (brighten, rotate, cut, etc.), without having any software hosted on your computer. Thus, the processing effort is hosted on Google servers and not on your PC.


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